AUN: ASEAN University Network

AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance) is AUN's specialized network for higher education quality assurance. Its mission is to promote quality assurance activities at higher education institutions, improve higher education quality, and collaborate with regional and international organizations for the benefits of the ASEAN community.

AUN-QA standard is a set of standards that includes output standards, curriculum framework, teaching staff, facilities, quality assurance, and the relationship between universities, students, and enterprises in order to ensure the quality of the entire training program.

Participating in AUN-QA quality assessment will help:

Universities: to affirm the University’s commitment to the society and employers regarding the quality outputs of the training program.

Students: Students enrolled in AUN-QA-accredited programs will be easy to take part in exchange student programs or transfer credits to other universities in the region. Furthermore, students who graduate from these programs will have competitive advantages in finding employment in the regional and international markets.

Enterprises or businesses: The results of AUN-QA accreditation provides companies with a reliable basis for recruiting quality human resources, based on a  recognized training program with internationalized quality standards.

Society: The results of AUN-QA accreditation is a guide for parents and students in choosing Universities.

The AUN-QA standard has been acknowledged and become one of the top choices among universities in Southeast Asia, thanks to its regional and international recognized set of standards as well as a demanding and transparent accreditation procedure.

Not out of that trend, Can Tho University has chosen the AUN-QA standard as one of the standards to validate the university's training quality, as well as the university's commitment to society and employers about the quality of the training program's outputs. In July 2013, Can Tho University officially joined the ASEAN University Network (AUN). Currently, nine training programs (including 02 advanced programs) of the university have been examined and certified as satisfying the AUN-QA requirements.

To continue the quality assurance work, an AUN-QA evaluation for four undergraduated training programs, including Bachelor in Chemistry, will be held at Can Tho University from December 13th to 17th, 2021.

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