Course: Biomedical Materials

Responsible persons:

  • Teaching assistant: Dr. Pham Duy Toan
  • Operation assistant: Dr. Nguyen Quoc Chau Thanh


  • Dr. Barbara Nebe, University of Rostock, Germany
  • Pham Duy Toan, Can Tho University, Vietnam

Learning outcomes:

Biomedical materials (also known as biomaterials) belong to a highly diverse group of natural or synthetic materials, alive or lifeless, that interact with biological systems to repair, enhance, and/or replace natural bodily functions. This introductory course on biomedical materials aims to provide the undergraduate students who majored in Medicinal Chemistry and Material Sciences the fundamental knowledge on biomaterials (i.e., types, properties, synthesis, modification, etc.), their interactions with the biosystem, namely living cells/tissues surfaces, and their applications in Medical field.

Prospective students:

  • Bachelor degree students in Medicinal Chemistry
  • Engineering students in Material Sciences
  • Interested students (undergraduate, graduate) from other related fields

Previous knowledge:

  • Biochemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Biology
  • Material science
  • Pharmacology

Course outline:

  • The course is offered through 5 (five) online lectures; each lecture is approximately 45 min, followed by a 20 min discussion/seminar part (more allocated time is possible, depending on the students questions/presentations). Prior to each lecture, a pdf file of the lecture content will be sent out to students. Students need to read these materials and prepare a presentation to performing on the lecture date. The presentation subjects will be given by the teaching assistant beforehand.
  • The course content is shown in the following Table




Date, time


Overview of biomaterials

Pham Duy Toan


15.00 – 16.30


Basics in cell-material interaction: cell adhesion and migration

Barbara Nebe


15.00 – 16.30


Material surface topography and cell behavior

Barbara Nebe


15.00 – 16.30


Material surface chemistry and cell physiology

Barbara Nebe


15.00 – 16.30


Applications of biomaterials in medical field

Pham Duy Toan


15.00 – 16.30

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